XCEL Trackdays and Jake Holden/ESP

Xcel Trackdays

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Jake Holden Riders Clinic’s is now available at selected XCEL Trackdays events, with spots available for a maximum of two students per day. The training will be for the full trackday, and will include bike set-up and suspension help from Evan Steel of ESP. Students will receive a full day of advice, filming, bike adjustments, and riding with Jake Holden. A and B group trackday riders or regional racers are Jake’s focus for the XCEL trackdays. (Street riders, beginner trackday riders and Supermoto riders are encouraged to attend Jake Holden Rider Clinics held at the Mussleman Honda Circuit in Tucson AZ.)

At every clinic, the goal is to help students become better riders on the street or track. Many riders make the same mistakes repeatedly, Jake’s techniques encourage necessary changes for safety or for speed. Using notes, video footage, examples and advice on how to work on problem areas, students will become better, safer riders, and have the tools to practice on their own.

The price for a full day of instruction during the XCEL trackday is $599.59 including track day and suspension/set-up help.

Jake Holden XCEL Trackdays Schedule
March 25 AMP
April 14/15 Inde
May 12 Inde
May 19 AMP
June 9 Inde
Sept 29/30 Inde
Oct 27 Inde

Sign up for Jake’s clinic at the XCEL trackdays website, www.xceltrackdays.com, or for more information go to www.evansteelperformance.com or e-mail Jake@evansteelperformance.com